Gergely and S400 Wins on Hungarian Debut

Serpent’s new EP 190mm Touring Car the S400 made the perfect debut in Hungary recently when Csekõ Gergely took the car to victory in the latest round of the Modellzona Winter Cup 07-08 at Nagydorog.

Gergely was able to win the final easily setting the fastest lap of the race to head home Forrai Gábor and Jávorkai György.
Final Result

1. Csek̵ Gergely (S400) Р27 laps in 5:02.002
2. Forrai Gábor – 27 laps in 5:07.000
3. Jávorkai György – 25 laps in 05:04.124

Source : Serpent

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