Kawada – M300GT

Translation :

Image is this month’s issue of RC Magazine (November 256 pages) appeared M300GT.
Twelfth introductory machine synonymous M300SX based sales wheel is attached to allow all parts of a new design. Wheelbase is 210 mm setting sales for the body is equipped. But it is 1 / 10 scale in Canada. So get with the 1 / 12 scale NEW body (Chile avian PPOKUNAI) also made.
Pretty Jesse! ! 1 / 12 scale sports. Please stay tuned! !
To really hard look at the pictures and VX spoked wheel for mini looks.
And rear is wide.
Details will also let you know a little bit.

Incidentally this M300GT was released in mid-December on the planet. Pricing has not yet been set.

Source : Kawada BLOG

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