Tamiya – TRF415MSXX Marc Rheinard Edition 2007

Introduce in Tamiya Japan Web and Will Available in October 20, 2007

2 Belt drive 4WD, Two-piece structure bulkhead. Upper deck made of carbon chassis with new design of 2.0mm thickness. The main Chassis for high grip road surface making of 2.5mm thick carbon chassis.

The new TRF Series continues to expand with its second chassis kit, the TRF415 MSXX Marc Rheinard Edition 2007. This chassis kit has the same specs and special parts as the one used by TRF driver Marc Rheinard to take his second consecutive victory at the Reedy Touring Car race in May of this year, making it perfect for those who want to stay on the cutting edge of R/C racing development.

ROWADEKKI the West to set up an aluminum air duct equipment for Motor effective cooling.

Equipping the direct coupling which becomes main current of overseas race on the front.

Equipping the rear the ball diff. which uses the usual 36 T pulleys. In addition, as for the spur-gear holder the pin stationary type whose durability is high.

Basic Spec :
– Chassis total length: 365mm (the body it is not included)
– full-width 188mm
– the wheel base =257mm
– tread 163mm

Some TRF415 MSXX Marc Rheinard Edition 2007 Specs:

  • Lower Deck 2.5mm carbon fiber (same as MSXX)
  • Upper Deck 2.00mm carbon fiber (new design)
  • Damper Stay 3mm (same as MSX)
  • Damper Support Carbon fiber (same as MSXX)
  • Rear Upper Brace Separate type (new design)
  • Front Unit Direct drive
  • Center Pulley 16T
  • Rear Unit Direct drive
  • Diff. Pulley 36T
  • Suspension Arm Reversible suspension
  • Dampers TRF Dampers (new design)
  • Suspension Pin Titanium-coated
  • Screws Steel
  • Air Scoop Included
  • Wheel Axles Steel
  • Bumper (same as TB Evo.5)
  • Stickers (new design)
  • Actual product does not include R/C system,
  • battery, tires, ESC or motor.

Source : Tamiya

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