Ultimate Racing – Clustch Bells

ULTIMATE RACING presents the high performance vented and non-vented clutch bells for 1/8 nitro cars.

They have been manufactured in high quality and resistance steel with a temperature treatment surface that looks cool and increases the durability substantially.

The vented clutch bells have been designed lighter than the non-vented with three irregular holes, which keeps your clutch cooler for better performance and increased life.

Vented clutch bell available in: 13, 14, 15 and 16 teeth.

We supply them in a blister with two ball bearings.

Knowing that some drivers prefer the non-vented clutch bell for the dustiest tracks, ULTIMATE RACING has release the non-vented clutch bell in order to avoid potential clutch damages that the dust particles can provoke to the clutch.

Non-Vented clutch bell available in: 13 and 14 teeth.

Source : Ultimate Racing

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