Tamiya – XB Porsche Cayenne S – Transsyberia 2007

Tamiya’s newest 1/10 R/C Expert Built item is the exciting Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007, a specially modified version of Porsche’s high-performance luxury SUV that was designed to withstand the rigors of long-distance rally racing.

About the Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007

For about two weeks starting from August 2nd, the Transsyberia Rally 2007 tested the limits of both man and machine in a grueling 7,100km transcontinental race from Moscow, Russia to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After two private teams driving the Cayenne S entered and won the event in 2006, Porsche took notice and offered a limited production version of their SUV specifically for this rally. Many modifications were added to ensure excellent performance in the tough environments, which range from the rugged Ural Mountains to the scorching Gobi Desert. Traction and stability control systems work with the reinforced suspension and special off-road tires to navigate rough terrain. A large skidplate protects the bottom of the vehicle, and both the floor and doors are sealed to allow river forging with the equipped snorkel. The interior features a roll cage, reserve fuel tanks, spare tires, and other supplies necessary for the long trek. Externally, the Cayenne S Transsyberia has roof-mounted lights and a roof spoiler in addition to the snorkel, and one of the body color choices is a stylish black scheme with orange-colored trim such as side mirrors, front air intake crossbars, and wheels.


  • Ready-to-Run R/C model of the Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007 fully finished in the stylish black and orange livery of the vehicle driven by Oliver Schmidt and Thomas Konig.
  • Length: 472mm, Width: 204mm, Height: 190mm, Fully-loaded Weight: 1,580g
  • Reliable DF-01 shaft-driven 4WD chassis with 4-wheel double wishbone suspension.
  • Finely-detailed body shell made from 1mm thick lightweight polycarbonate and features separate vacuum-molded front and rear bumpers for extra realism.
  • Side mirrors, fog lamps, snorkel, and rear spoiler all separately molded from durable ABS resin for the highest level of detail.
  • Bold, orange-colored wheels mounted with off-road tires for excellent all-terrain traction.
  • TEU-101BK ESC, TRU-02 receiver, TSU-01 servo, and Expec SP 2-channel transmitter included.
  • Running battery pack & charger separately required.
  • Source : Tamiya

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