Competition Electronics – Turbo 35 GFX with LiPo Capability

The most advanced R/C racing charge/discharge system on the market now features Lipo capability. Re-match your packs or see which pack will give the best performance. With the GFX backlit graphics display you can see charge and discharge curves on screen. You can also see more information at one time so there are less menus to cycle through. The rotary dial makes it easy to change values and select functions.

GFX Features:

  • Large backlit graphic display
  • Rotary dial and intuitive menu system
  • Readings compare directly to battery labels, discharge time, ave. volts, cell resistance and more
  • 1 to 3 cell Lipo packs
  • 1 to 8 cell Nimh/Nicd packs
  • .1 to 12 amp charge range for Nimh/Nicd mode
  • 500 to 12,000 mah charge range for Lipo mode
  • .5 to 35 amp discharge range
  • 20 amp capacity variable motor run mode
  • Preset time before charge begins
  • Change the charge rate with the rotary dial during operation
  • Get on screen charge and discharge curves real time or after the cycle is complete
  • Name and save up to 5 setups in Nimh/Nicd mode
  • Name and save up to 5 setups in Lipo mode

Source : Competition Electronics

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