CS-Electronic – Magnetic Brushless Motor BL

  • Magnetic Brushless Motor BL 3.5T
  • Magnetic Brushless Motor BL 4.5T
  • Magnetic Brushless Motor BL 5.5T
  • Magnetic Brushless Motor BL 6.5T

CS-ELECTRONIC presented with the 3.5T-6.5T Magnetic BL a new Brush Less Modified engine for the competition.  Based on the latest Brush Less-Technology get with the highest efficiency, enormous power and high top speed the successful race.  The quality sintered rotor has a diameter of 13.5 mm and is dynamically balanced.  It also provides an integrated cooling fan with the optimized cooling holes for low temparature.
To adjust the performance of various sizes and range conditions, we recommend the CS-Brushless team rotors and magnets with different diameters.

● handwound
● precision rotor
● optimized cooling slots
● easily detachable
● Sensors & Sensor function Lose

Technical data:
Type: 540
Operating voltage: 4.8 V – 7.4
Speed / Volt ca: 3.5T-8900, 4.5T-6900, 5.5T-6200, 6.5T-6200
Twist: 3.5-turn winding Stern
The rotor diameter of 13.5 mm
At 7.2 V power: 3.5T-610 W, 4.5T-550W, 5.5T-490W, 6.5T-480W
Total length of approximately 70 mm
Housing length about: 52,5 mm
About diameter: 35.8 mm
Free wavelength approximately 15 mm
Shaft diameter: 3.175 mm
Approximately 180 g weight
Ratio: see the instruction manual
Recommendation: 1:10-road touring car

Source : CS-Electronic

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