HPI – Baja Shock Oil

This set of shock oil is designed specifically for the Baja 5B and will assist you in tuning the Baja for unreal on-track performance and handling prowess.

Please note that it is imperative you do not use normal silicone shock oil in your Baja 5B shocks! Doing so may invalidate any warranty and could result in damaged equipment. Only use approved HPI Baja Shock Oils for tuning the response of your shocks.

A full set of Baja Shock Oils is available, packaged in a convenient 100cc size for quick refills and rebuilds.

  • HPZ142 BAJA SHOCK OIL 10w (100cc)
  • HPZ143 BAJA SHOCK OIL 15w (100cc)
  • HPZ144 BAJA SHOCK OIL 25w (100cc)
  • HPZ145 BAJA SHOCK OIL 30w (100cc)
  • HPZ146 BAJA SHOCK OIL 35w (100cc)
  • HPZ147 BAJA SHOCK OIL 40w (100cc)

Source : Mirage Racing

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