Kyosho – Mini-Z Overland – HUMMER H2

Take the new challenge from Mini-Z. Incredible running power in a palmtop size!
The birth of the first of its kind in an off-road car!

Equipped with internally integrated precision R/C mechanisms and also long stroke suspension has delivered a new running freedom. A big hit the world over, the Mini-Z has now evolved into an authentic off-road SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). Suspension system combines shocks on each wheel, Ashape swing arms and parallel rods, with unique patterned pneumatic rubber tyres. Having made its name as an indoor car, the Mini-Z is now ready for the conquest of offroad terrain! People will voice their amazement at the running power beyond their imagination. Equipped with a diff lock function as standard, hill climbs of 45 degrees get eaten for breakfast! With its realistic and detailed form, and cat-like handling flexibility, there is plenty of excitement in the tank of this off-roader!

Available ; Oct 2007

Source : Kyosho

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