Tamiya – BMW Z4 M Coupe Racing – TT-01 Chassis

Available in Oct 27, 2007

The sport coupe Z4 of BMW in base, BMW motor sport corporation in race M specification. It is the electromotive radio control car assembly kit of the machine and the BMW Z4 M coupe racing which are increasing Yosinari weaving/grade even with durable race of the world e.g., it is supplied by the private team which participates to the durable race of the world, with the super durable race of Japan it wins with silver stone 24 hour race including participating, in addition decorates victory even with the Dubai 24 hour races 2007. Approximately you project the fender to wide, reproducing the forum of the force which provides the air outlet to real with polycarbonate. Detail is tightened the door mirror and the rear wing as another part. Furthermore, the headlight 2 light (white), the tail lamp 2 light (the lead-lead) it can enjoy illumination.

Light Module

Shorten WheelBase TT-01 Chassis

The chassis loaded the RC mechanic and the battery for traveling onto flat in the mainframe of bathtub type, low adopting shaft drive 4WD of the center of gravity good balance design and TT-01. The wheel base was set to 6mm shortening and 251mm with the rearrangement of the suspension arm, compare with the TT-01 chassis of standard type. Going hand in hand with 4 wheel double wishbone suspension and the diff. gear etc. which is equipped on front and back, the controller bull which does not have showing flight quality. In addition, it points also the handiness which decreases adjustment place in addition to the lightweight constitution which uses the resin part, also the assembly advances smoothly.

Source : Tamiya

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