Kyosho – Evolva M3 – 1/8 GP 4WD Racing Car

Available in Dec 2007.   Translations :

Three Consecutive World Championship Win Evolva has evolved.
World’s Fastest DNA for the ulitmate fighting force to Win.

Win Every two years race 1/8 world championship Grad Prix racing in the years ’03, ’05 and 07 three consecutive win. Running on the world’sst rongest performance, which is further evolution “Evolova M3”.

  • The short, middle and long three upper arm is selectable.
  • Interchangeable Evolva 2003,2005 front upper suspension.
  • Two new design speed clutch and two-speed 2nd gear spur gears which adopt the high0tension steel ring and smooth the shift rise.
  • A wide variety of engine capability order corresponding to the 4-pin style flywheel adopted.
  • MEINSHASHIFURONTO parts of the carbon plates (optional) seating and carbon plate battery (optional), SAIDOSUTEFUNA (optional) allows the chassis stiffness adjustment is possible.
  • Powerful brake to demonstrate the type of rotor brake pads & APP adopted.
  • Same V-ONE RRR and the size of the battery for the receiver to use.
  • Carbon front body mount and aluminum middle block, the front and black universal shaft are still available.
  • As for the rear adjustable stabilizer, the mount which support the former option parts
  • The throttle servo Lay Down option is available. (Optional parts required)
  • Only conventional front of the rear wheel base adjustment is also possible. Before and after the match in the range of 6 mm wheelbase is adjustable.
  • With the rear suspension holder of 3 types of attachment, roll center the rear – at 3 stages adjustment possibility. Corresponding to various setting, actualizing setting degree of freedom.
  • Adopting the structure where the rear hub supports the base of the rear body mount. Being selection possible from length of 4 types, it contributes to the improvement of the steering wheel response in the medium or high speed limits.

Narrow and around overhang of short chassis has attempted to design, and highly supple movement to achieve.

Scrub adjust the width of the front of the traditional 1 mm to 2 mm to expand. Seasoning is a closely entitles the preferred steering characteristics can be set.

Ackermann equipping the adjustment possible servo saber at 5 stages. It is possible to pull out the steering wheel quality which is adjusted to course layout.

The high efficiency where the aero forum bumper where the rear section rises holds down the interference of the road surface with high rigidity, down fourth catches form.

The fuel tank of the cap form to which because fast oil supply is actualized, the finger temporary is good, is easy to open. You adopt the O ring gasket, also secure airtightness characteristic actualizes.

With exchange of partial core cam height of wheel shaft front and rear at 3 stages of plus minus 0.5mm adjustment possibility. Roll center – fine control is possible.

Chassis technical data

  • Total length   428mm
  • Full-width   263mm
  • Total height   130mm
  • Gland clearance   8mm
  • Wheel base   228 – 294mm
  • Tread (F/R)   217mm/203mm
  • Tire (F/R)   Φ 69×36mm/Φ 76×60mm
  • Gear ratio   7.35/5.40: 1
  • Gross load   Approximately 2,450g
  • Engine   21 class (selling separately)

Source : Kyosho

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