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Novak introduce the all new Sentry Data Logger. Two Version Available – Sentry Data Logger and Sentry Data Logger PRO.

Novak has a product that gives you an in depth, close-up look into how your car is performing. Keep an eye out for the Novak-exclusive Sentry Data Logger. Simply plug it in, and the Data Logger will measure and record information from several ­­tiny sensors placed in your R/C car. The Sentry stores the collected data to be later reviewed on your personal computer. The Sentry’s small size and weight allow it to fit easily inside any R/C car. The Data Logger also operates on very low voltage, so R/C cars can drive like it’s not even there!

Sentry Dat Logger

The Sentry Data Logger (#2000) is ideal for brushless, brushed and gas-powered motors. It includes six sensors that record the temperature in three places, throttle/steering, voltage and RPM in an R/C car. Each sensor is extremely accurate and will give users precise measurements on how their car is performing. In addition to the detachable sensors, each Sentry is equipped with a built-in XY Accelerometer. The Accelerometer measures the G-forces applied to an R/C car, which helps determine the steering setup, suspension, throttle smoothness and severity of a crash.

Sentry Data Logger PRO

The Sentry Data Logger – Pro (#2010) can also be used with all R/C cars and includes four extra Digital Sensors and Expander Board and a Current Sensor. Each digital temperature sensor is equipped with its own unique address to measure the temperature in multiple areas of a vehicle. The Current Sensor measures the current drawn from the battery to the motor.


All of the information that the Data Recorder collects can be easily transferred to your PC via a USB connection. Simply plug the Sentry into a PC using the supplied USB cable and the information will download with a few clicks of the mouse.

Once downloaded, the Sentry Data Logger presents all of the information gathered in a graph and spread-sheet format where users can easily click between formats to show different views of their car’s data. The spread sheet is organized in columns that display the data recorded by the sensors. The graph is organized as a line graph with the statistics represented by different colors. Users can customize both the spread sheet and graph formats by checking the boxes at the bottom of the screen to activate or deactivate particular lines of data.

In addition to reviewing the data received in a chart or spread sheet, the Sentry Data Logger also has the ability to play back a stored run. By simply clicking the Play Back tab, users can watch their previous runs and easily detect any problems in their car’s performance. This feature is viewed in a gauged format that presents all of the information as gauges, similar to the dashboard of standard cars. The gauges can be activated and disabled depending on the user’s preference. Drivers can also store multiple data logs and compare it with other setups to find which one works best with their car.

In addition to play back, the Sentry works in Real Time. It can be hooked up to an R/C car at a users’ work station where they have the ability to test everything from investigating different motor profile settings to working out any bugs in the car without leaving the house.

The saved logs can also be organized in a summary format that displays the averages of the data, and the minimum and maximum of the sensor readings. The summary page can also be customized like the spread sheet, chart and gauge formats. Drivers can also document their comments about each run and different car setups in the notes section of the Sentry Data Logger.


  • Novak developed data logger specifically designed for R/C vehicles to provide exact measurements of car’s performance
  • Two models available: (#2000), Pro (#2010)
  • Includes built-in, Novak exclusive XY Accelerometer that measures G-Force, and additional sensors to gauge and store temperature, throttle/steering, voltage and RPM. Pro version includes an expander temperature adapter with 4 additional digital temperature sensors (#5361) and a current sensor (#5360).
  • Includes two different RPM sensors—one specifically for brushless motors and one for sensorless brushless motors, brush motors, and nitro engines.
  • Real-Time Feature allows drivers to receive data instantaneously at their work station
  • Data can be viewed in a graph or spread-sheet format
    Data can be played back on high-resolution gauge format
  • Summary section provides a summation of a car’s performance
  • Notes section allows drivers the ability to document each run time
  • Ability to have multiple R/C car setups at once
  • Ability to daisy chain up to 6 digital sensors
  • Designed to operate on very low voltage and does not require an external battery pack
  • Allows for the ability to compare car setups and electronics
  • Multifunctional switch to start, stop and erase data
  • All data downloadable via USB cable (included)
  • Software included
  • Meets RoHS compliance
  • Exclusively developed by Novak with 120-Day Warranty


  • Weight: 0.26 oz (7.5 g)
  • Footprint: 1.22 x 1.0 in (31.0 x 25.4 mm)
  • Input Voltage: 2- 6 volts
  • Compatible Operating System: Microsoft Windows, XP and Vista

Sensor Specifications:

  • Digital Temperature sensor: up to 140 degrees C
    Thermistor Temperature sensor: up to 150 degrees C
    Current sensor: up to 100 amps
    Accelerometer: up to +/- 5 G in X and Y directions
    Voltage sensor: up to 9 volts
    RPM sensor: 500 to 99,999 RPM
    Throttle sensor: 500 to 4,000 micro seconds

Source : Novak

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