Hitec Multiplex – MULTI charger LN-6015EQU

Long-awaited lipo 6 cell correspondences & the balancer – the universal being full ionizer of built-in type finally appearance

The indispensable balancer for the charge of the lipo battery – it builds in function, corresponds to the lipo 6 cells. At the time of lipo charge because voltage of each cell is indicated in real time, it can charge safety securely. In addition, the lithium of topic – the ferrite electric battery (Li-Fe) it corresponds the A123 corporation make. Relief and the certainty which you can agree upon that you use, it can offer, long time it can use LN-6015EQU of the aluminum case which has material feeling with the compact as your standard charger.

– The nicad and nickel hydrogen, it is the quick charger of the multi uses which correspond to Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Io and the lead electric battery.
– Li-Po (lipo) Li-Fe 6 cell correspondences.
– Li-Po balancer – with built-in lipo battery safety securely charge.
– It corresponds to the same company lithium polymer battery BX series all product.
– With 16×2 liquid crystal display loading. Even at the dim place the back light attaching LCD indication whose letter is easy to see.

The balance connector equipment, can be connected to the substance directly. (MPX and Flight POWER, ThunderPower interchangeability)

Indicating voltage of each cell in real time in alternately. (As for time photograph of Li-Po charge in case of lipo 4 cells)

Function Charge, discharge and cycling (Ni-XX), balancer – (Li-XX), each cell voltage indication (Li-XX), each abnormal warning and safe functional equipment
Active electric battery Li-Po, Li-Fe and Li-Io, Pb 1 – 6 cells
Ni-cd, Ni-MH 1 – 15 cells
Charging current 0.1 – 6.0A (Max 70W)
Discharge current 0.1 A – 1.0 A (Max 5 W)
Charge system Li-Po and 4.20V CC-CV system
Li-Fe and 3.70V CC-CV system
Ni-cd, -‡ Peak 5mV/cell
Ni-MH, -‡ Peak 3mV/cell
Lipo balancer -, balance precision voltage 5mV
Balance connector specification MPX, FlightPower and ThunderPower
Liquid crystal indication 16 × 2 back light attaching LCD
Parent power source 11 – 15 V/5A or more
Size 140×80×30mm
Weight 285g

Source : Hitec

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