Hitec Multiplex – MULTIcharger LN-3008EQU

The new generation multi-function small-sized charger which condenses function to the compact body

The indispensable balancer for the charge of the lipo battery – it builds in function, corresponds to the lipo 3 cells. In addition, the lithium of topic – the ferrite electric battery (Li-Fe) it corresponds the A123 corporation make. The multi-function charger which condenses the function which is necessary for the compact body of weight only 170 g. It is one unit which the treasure is done as a second charger.


– Small size lightweight 170 g! Condensing the function which is necessary for the compact body.
– It is the quick charger of the multi uses which correspond to Ni-cd, Ni-MH, Li-Po and Li-Fe.
– The balancer – for building in, the lipo electric battery can be charged safely.
– Being to be able to use in multi uses, as for the R/C user it is one unit which of course, you recommend to also the robot user.
– Light weight simple setting! リーズナブル the treasure it does with price setting as a second charger.

The balance connector equipment, can be connected to the substance directly. (MPX and Flight POWER, ThunderPower interchangeability)

Function Charge (Ni-XX) 、 balance charge (Li-XX) 、
Each abnormal warning 、 protection network completion 。charge safe timer equipment 。
Active electric battery Li-Po 、 Li-Fe 、 Li-Io 2 – 3 cells
Ni-cd 、 Ni ï½° MH 4 – 8 cells
Charging current 0.1 – 3.0A (Max 30W)
Charge system Li-Po 、 4.20V/ cell CC-CV system
Li-Fe 、 3.70V/ cell CC-CV system
Ni-cd 、 -‡ Peak 5mV/ cell
Ni-MH 、 -‡ Peak 3mV/ cell
Lipo balancer -, balance precision voltage 32.5mV
Balance connector specification MPX, FlightPower and ThunderPower
Parent power source 11 – 15 V/3A or more
Size 120×80×25mm
Weight 170g

Source : Hitec

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