Kawada – New TU50 Drift Tire

TU50M drift tire medium-D4
TU50S drift soft tire D4

Translation :

Miraculously distance! ! “Return” of grabbing control! !
KAWADA first DORITAIYA resin! !

The excellent maneuverability software types. First of Intermediate direction.

● making it easier to drift round shape
All drift angle and speed of the free zone is always a certain amount of ground to achieve a round shape gliding surface. The drift of fortune and tremendous distance to achieve! !

● sponge by the silence of the silent
Tire Wheel between silent sponge to use it, the resin Dori’s very specific, I’ll rather unpleasant noise bars.

● “return” grabbing control of
Next to the sliding direction of the longitudinal direction is needed enough material to adopt a grip. A million lines by removing the mounting due to a car moment also throttle back the controls to achieve the crash probability is significantly decrease.

Source : Kawada

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