Polish HPI-LRP Challenge Off-Road Finals

On 1st and 2nd of September 2007 HPI LRP Challenge 2007 off-road finals took place. We also finished the HPI LRP Challenge ranking on the two last days of September in Klodzko. This year drivers competed for extremly valuable awards.

Thank all HPI LB LRP team members for their successful competition and achived results. Below you can find current ranking of HPI HB LRP team drivers in 2007. This year`s classification embraced the following classes: Monster Standard, Truggy and Buggy.

Monster Standard
The fact that the Savage model driven by Jan Kornaszewski won the Polish Championship title for the third time made us particulary proud. I think that there is not much to say. It shows experience of our drivers and quality of equipment they use. During this season it turned out that not only the best parameters are important but also that durability and reliability count while fighting for the first place. Car without a good driver will not win races by itself, but when equipment fails even the best driver can not do much.

Our models were noticed in this class during last year. First the HPI Hellfire and now the HB Lightning Stadium. Their popularity among drivers is still growing and this year’s spectacular victory of Maciek Dzwigaj has changed the attitude and awareness of skills of drivers in this class. Maciek won some races with great advantage of several laps. It shows how experienced he is and how his experience from on-road races helps him to achieve such stunning results.

Our team appeared in Buggy class in this year. We watched carefully achivements of current leaders and I am convinced that soon we will improve our list of HPI HB Team members and results in this class.

Source : HPI

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