ABC Hobby – Genetic Austin Mini Countryman

ABC Hobby and RC magazine joint planned for the new original Body Project on this new Austin mini Countryman.  The new body is on Limited sales.

Decal Set

Genetic Austin Mini Countryman Specification

A low center of gravity and shaft drive 4WD for beginners but easier handling, a senior who would still remain alert! A broad range is easy to run fun to enjoy high performance chassis, it is Genetic. Pre-assembly plant Austin Mini Countryman’s body is set to be cleared. Travel required to be equipped with mechanical goods, and the body of a clear favorite color decal painted a donation, you only Countryman completed.

  • Shaft drive 4wd
  • Double Deck Chassis Ball Diff
  • Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Transparent Oil Damper
  • Universal Joint
  • total length: 295mm
  • full-width: 157mm-163mm
  • road clearance: 5mm
  • wheelbase: 208mm
  • tire diameter: 55mm

Austin country man clear body data

  • total length /Length: 349mm
  • full-width /Width: 160mm
  • wheelbase /WheelBase: 208mm
  • accessory: Decare masking film private light/write cover with: Decal. Masking Film. Light Bucket

Source : ABC Hobby

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