Spektrum – NiMH Receiver Pack

  • 4500mAh 6.0V NiMH Receiver Pack
  • 2700mAh 6.0V NiMH Receiver Pack
  • 2150mAh 6.0V NiMH Receiver Pack
  • 1650mAh 6.0V NiMH Receiver Pack

Designed to be the ideal battery pack for use with Spektrum’s AR9100 receiver, and built to fit easily into nearly any fuselage, the 6.0V, 5-cell receiver packs from Spektrum offer high capacity Sanyo cells, an installed EC3 lead for quick and easy usage, and a 6” JR charge lead for added convenience.

Type: Ni-MH
Capacity: 4500mAh
Voltage: 6.0V
Connector Type: EC3
Cell Size: Sanyo 4/3A
Wire Gauge: 16AWG
Number of Cells: 5
Configuration: Flat

Source : Spektrum

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