HPI – DSX-2 Clear Truck Body

E-Firestorm owners can now customize their truck with this DSX-2 clear body. It’s designed to fit perfectly on the E-Firestorm, complete with dimples that mark the body post location for an easy fit, and a rear spoiler for performance. Molded in crystal clear polycarbonate, this body has the durability, performance and looks that you’ve come to expect from HPI bodies. Each body comes with a large sheet of pre-cut vinyl decals, paint masks for the windows, and a protective overspray film.

HPI bodies feature:

  • Photorealistic, premium, pre-applied vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, grille, tail lights, roll bars, official logos and more – For a perfect finish with a lot of details
  • High quality polycarbonate with excellent impact resistance – For extra strength and long life
  • Pre-drilled body post holes make mounting the body quick and simple
  • Fits HPI E-Firestorm – Fitment on other 1/10th scale trucks may be possible with slight modifications.

Source : HPI

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