Yokomo – MR-4BX World Specs & Conversion Kit

Translation :

2007 IFMAR World Championship specification! !
Top fierce dispute MR post-4BX World Specs specification is a new appearance! !

World championship in the wide slope Masami player of the third round of qualifying in the top goals, including every Round good time straight points in the third qualifying grid to win! The final goal is missed by a narrow top
But the charm the audience Top dispute Watanabe. The tournament finals only belt drive car
Two MR-4BX, young Japanese star players are born and the potential height demonstrated spectacularly well
. Hope Naoto Matsukura Team YOKOMO expect young player (13 years old), the gaze of a large audience !
The front and back shock tower of the NEW design which considers the aerodynamics, unification and new design rear val クヘッド of the upper deck. And with the modification of installation position of the rear damper, maintenance characteristic improves. Furthermore, you assure the rationalization of balance of the machine due to the fact that バッ terry position becomes the rear, actualizing the further travelling stability in the gap. With the difference embody of the upper arm mount it responded to circumstance it made adjusting finely possible and increased.

Kit contents Conversion Kit
â–  main chassis
â–  Upper Deck
â–  F.R. shock tower
â–  rear bulkhead in a kit
â–  Servo Saver
â–  Servo Saver mount
â–  titanium-turn buckle x 6

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