LRP-HPI Classic Challenge

LRP is getting the ball rolling with the first-ever LRP-HPI Classic Challenge!

Featuring all the classic American ‘Pony Cars’ of the past, the Classic Challenge will feature very simple and easy-to-follow rules, vintage styling and loads of fun!

The only chassis allowed are the Hot Bodies Cyclone S and HPI Sprint 2; bodies allowed are along the lines of the #7494 1968 Chevrolet Camaro and #17519 1967 Ford Mustang. No massive wings, just the scale spoilers are allowed for ultimate scale realism! Tyres and wheels are limited to HPI Vintage styles – 26mm at the front and 31mm at the rear is allowed and encouraged!

The LRP 23×2 Challenge motor will be used with a fixed maximum ratio so one motor will last for a long time and provide extremely close racing.

Source : HPI

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