XRAY – XB8 Active Diff

The unique XRAY Active Differential is a high-performance, adjustable front gear differential for XB8 buggies… vastly improving the buggy’s speed and handling characteristics. The special design of the internal components using different angled segments allows the diff gears to engage on-power to increase the forward traction and stability to the buggy, making it faster and easier to drive.

While the XRAY Active Differential is a performance option for serious racers who want to gain an edge on superior speed and handling, it is also of great benefit to any level of driver that wants to a more predictable and easy-to-drive car in any racing conditions.

The Active Differential has been long-term tested with great success in all different racing conditions, (including the European Championship and World Championship) by factory team drivers including Yannick Aigoin, Jon Hazlewood, and Josh Wheeler. Yannick Aigoin won the 2006 Euros and Oliver Simon won the 2007 Euros B, both of them with the Active Differential aboard their winning cars.

Source : XRAY

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