Serpent – S400 Carbon Conversion Set Foam

Complete carbon conversion set for the S400, including chassis plate, front and rear upper plates, aluminium stiffener posts and required fasteners.

Serpent is pleased to announce the release of this carbon conversion set for the Serpent S400 electric touring car. Enabling a great performance advantage on carpet, combined with the use of foam tyres, the set features a machined 3.4mm thick carbon fibre 6-cell chassis plate, which is extremely stiff and perfect for these high grip conditions. A great feature of this chassis plate is that along with the recessed mounting points, to lower the overall centre-of-gravity, the cell slots have be pre machined so no extra preparation in this area is needed.

Also included in the set is stiff, front and rear, upper plates that also sport extensions that enable you to further stiffen the chassis by mounting the 4 supplied aluminium posts to both the upper and lower plates

#401113 – Chassis carbon 6 cell 3.4mm

#401119 – Top plate carbon stiff

#401120 – Top plate RR carbon stiff

#401121 – Stiffener post alu (2)

Source : Serpent

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