Thunder Tiger – EB4 S3 RTR

Breathtaking Performance! The S3 EB4 RTR equipped with a PRO-28 4.6 cc engine! This set will be served.


  • – Innovative, patented CVD drive shafts allow different settings of the suspension
  • – Front-links with “ball” suspension
  • – The front shocks are behind the shock absorber between the bridge and upper cross bar placed on the protection in a crash
  • – The bridges and steering damper plate are made of aluminum A7075-T6
  • – A7075-T6 damper caps for a long life
  • Upper cross-arm holder and resources Diff coverage of aluminum
  • Radio-aluminum plate connector and rear spoiler Holder
  • – 3.5mm piston rods (Anti-Bumping)
  • Extra-long suspension arms and light
  • – Small, sealed gear case
  • Light-bevel gears reduce the mass and rotation verbesssern speeding
  • – Optimized 4WD drive for better acceleration
  • – 2x brake disc with anti oil and water formula
  • – Coupling from specialty baking mix
  • Light-and small flywheel allows better acceleration
  • – CNC gefrässte, titanium optical and radio bracing plate
  • – CVD propellers Front
  • Closed-R / C Box, splashproof
  • – Horizontal mounting of the steering servo for low gravity
  • All-ball bearings with rubber cover
  • – Adjustable toe, camber and Ackermann
  • Adjustable-Panel

Source : Thunder Tiger

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