Kawada – TA05 Carbon Conversion Set


The Tamiya TA05 chassis it converts to carbon double deck specification.
– As for the upper deck as for the mount and main chassis motor lower part it administers milling to the utmost low, ultralow center of gravity actualization
– it makes carbon double deck specification by the fact that chassis rigidity substantially improvement. You hold down also deflecting the belt and also drive efficiency improvement
– makes the battery slot approximately 3mm front move and weight balance correction – actualizing the substantial light weight conversion of approximately 100g. Maneuverability substantially improvement
– servo helicopter loading site from 3 places selective possibility. Fine control of weight balance corresponds possibility
– straight pack rose cell battery both. Private プラパーツ attachment.
– The KAWADA original EMB battery mount to belong, the rose cell battery simplicity securely on-board possibility.
– Also it is possible to install kit standard シャーシステフナー. (Rear side processing which cuts the belt interference part is needed)

Set include :
1) the main chassis: Carbon (t=2.5mm)
2) upper deck (1 piece): Carbon (t=2.1mm)
3) aluminum posts for installation: タミヤブルーアルマイト part cloth ジュラカラー possession
4) プラパーツ: EMB battery mount and servo mount, プラパーツ for straight battery loading


Source : Kawada

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