HB – Cyclone 12 New Parts

HB Cyclone 12 – Main Chassis TYPE 1 (2.5mm)


Use this 2.5mm thick woven carbon fibre main chassis on super high grip tracks for enhanced steering feel and improved traction.

Get faster lap times and better performance with the 2.5mm chassis!

HB Cyclone 12 – Front Cross Brace61673_01.jpg

Stiffen and strengthen the front end of your Cyclone 12 with this easily installed Front Cross Brace. You will gain increased traction and steering response, resulting in lower lap times and more racing confidence!

HB Cyclone 12 – Aluminum Lower Pod61666_01.jpg

Get better motor cooling with your Cyclone 12 with this Aluminium Lower Pod!

As well as increased cooling, you get more durability with the strong aluminium adding to the stiffness of the motor pod. Get tougher and cooler with the Cyclone 12 Aluminium Lower Pod!

Source : HB

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