Benjamin – German Champion in 2WD and 4WD Electric Offroad


LRP team driver Benjamin Gröschel won the German Championship 2007 Offroad Electric 4WD in Burgdorf and by doing so he took his first 4WD title ever! For BRUSHLESS technology it was also a big success as 9 out of 10 drivers in the A-main relied on BRUSHLESS power!

Benjamin managed to win the 2WD Class in Neuffen as well and therefore he can now title himself as German Champion in all electric offroad-classes.

Benjamin kindly answered the questions in the following interview.

LRP: At the end of June Benjamin Gröschel was successful when using the Hot Bodies Cyclone D4 with LRP Brushless Power for the first time. He won the Köngener Offroad Masters impressively. Now, he competed with the same car at the German Championship Offroad Electric in Burgdorf in 1/10 4WD and was victorious again! Hence he is the German Champion 2007 in 1/10 4WD Offroad – congratulations!

Benjamin, how are your experiences with cars powered by LRP Brushless systems? Which are the factors that make Brushless systems so fast in your eyes?

Benjamin: „R/C Cars powered by LRP Brushless Systems offer incredible power in any situation. In addition, it is very easy to get this power on the track in a controlled way. The current statistic reflects this significantly – 4 races, 4 Top Qualifier, 4 victories!“

LRP: You trust in LRP Brushless Power. Which were the products and the particular settings that you’ve used?

Benjamin: „As speedo I used the LRP SPHERE Competition TC-Spec with the settings 2-3-0-0. Together with the motor LRP VECTOR X11 5.5Turns and the settings 18/81, this combination is just unbeatable.”

LRP: Which magnet material do you prefer during races? What are the experiences that you’ve made between bonded and sintered especially related to the brake, the general driving feeling and the differences?

Benjamin: „I personally prefer sintered. I brake more than other drivers. Therefore, I appreciate the more powerful brake force of sintered magnets. In addition, I favour the immense power in the middle of the rpm-range. You can’t have enough of it as you know.“

Source : LRP

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