Active Hobby – A210ss 1/12 EP – Updated Vol.3


A210SS chassis concept to fit the Choice commemorated the first body’s decision is Lotus Sports Exige version.

For the initial release of the A210SS we have chosen the LOTUS Sports Exige body to compliment this revolutionary chassis design. Noted for its extremely low front end – the LOTUS Sports EXIGE represents the ideal silhouette for the A210SS.

Making full use of the latest CAD software we have refined each line and curve to represent the EXIGE with true and proper detail. Accessories on the car such as mirrors, wipers, wing posts, fuel cap, number plate and emblems have also had the same exacting attention in their creation.

The headlights and tail lights make full use of plastic chrome moldings and are ideally suited for the fitting of high intensity lighting kits.

* In addition, the implementation of a rear spoiler enhances both the look and performance of this superb body design.



Each part supplied with the A210SS has been designed to allow a full range of adjustability. Drivers can change variables such as roll centre to the Ackerman steering angles with ease. Chassis stability is controlled with the inclusion of long span suspensions arms with suspension pin widths measuring 43.2mm (front) and 46.8mm (rear). The ingenuity of these elements eliminates any preconceptions about this mini chassis not being capable of competitive race performance.

Developing the symmetrical steering bell crank led to the design of the front belt being placed under the entire steering assembly.  Testing of materials resulted in the main chassis and the upper shock tower being constructed in Carbon composite FRP.  This material is superior in strength and flexibility and well suited to the A210SS chassis.

The development for the A210SS is on track for release at the end of December and we will be lifting the veil off the final design
next month.










Source : Active Hobby

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