Italian Indoor in Firenze


The Italian Indoor Nationals were held in Firenze on the last weekend of October. The track quite big, and was built with a new moquette surface. The best Italian drivers battled for the 1-round Nationals title and after the qualifing rounds, Team XRAY drivers Romagnoli and Barbera would start in 2nd and 4th positions in the finals.


In the 1st final, Sala, Romagnoli and Barbera finished in the top 3 position, clearly showing that the final victory would be a battle between these 3 drivers. In the 2nd final, Romagnoli overtook Sala and took the victory with Barbera trailing in 3rd place. The last 3rd final result was absolutely unexpected. The 3 drivers overtook each other 3~4 times, giving the crowd a very exciting show. A 25sec remaining, the positions were Barbera, Romagnoli, and Sala. Then a driver in last position rolled over and the marshal crossed the track, stopping Barbera’s car!! Romagnoli couldn’t avoid crashing into Barbera’s car, so Sala was able to win only 2~3 meters ahead of Romagnoli who was fast in recovering.

Final results of Expert category:

1° Sala Federico
2° Romagnoli Michele XRAY T2’007
3° Barbera Guido XRAY T2’007
4° Costanzo Christian
5° Manicucci Alessio
6° Gennari Marco XRAY T2’007
7° Taddei Maurizio
8° Baldissarri Daniele
9° Martini Francesco
10° Ricca Massimiliano


Source : XRAY

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