K Factory – LX 1/10 Touring Car Shock Absorber Set


These new LX Shock Absorbers you see here today are a perfect example of their dedication to this philosophy. Starting with a G4S shock as a base, almost all of the shock absorber was replaced to make sure it met and exceeded strict specification and performance criteria. They actually performed so well, they are now proudly included with the new and exclusive, Limited Edition G4+. You now have a shock with is not only smoother and stronger but also easier to use. They are fully compatible with the majority of on-road cars, especially Team Magic’s on-road range.

The shock caps have received some special attention and you now have the ability to remove the cap from the indentation with ease. You’ll also hear a click noise when it’s placed into the correct position for a perfect seal.


In addition, the ball-connector which is responsible for holding the shock to the shock tower, now sits inside a plastic retainer. This small but important part removes any friction between the ball and shock cap. If you can remove even the smallest amount of friction from a shock then its action will be more consistent and predictable. This means easier tuning and faster lap-times on the race track.


The frictionless design doesn’t stop there though. The shock shaft and seals are now enhanced with plastic spacers placed between the o-rings. This simple modification results in a shock shaft which maintains perfect alignment to the shock body with zero play. The addition of spacers meant K-Factory had to redesign the bottom of the shock too. A screw on cap now holds the seals in place which also removed the use of the painfully awkward C-Clip.


The shock bodies are machined from high quality aluminum to precise dimensions. The size and finish of the shock body is important because the piston comes into direct contact with the shock body during use. The internal surface must be smooth and clean so the piston moves freely and the shock can respond to bumps and changes in direction correctly. The shock body is also responsible for holding the entire shock system together. Any part that’s not design or manufactured correctly is going to affect the shocks performance and feel on the track.



Source : K Factory

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