Team Honest – Front Center Shaft for Motonica P8.0R


The Front center shaft was made the hyper pulley attachment. The high performance by the fact that the pulley unifies, there is no either wobble of the pulley and there is no rotary loss. Also durability of the belt has improved with that. Center shaft strengthening adding the oil content special metal to one way, it holds the cup joint securely.


Wobble of the cup is gone and with this durability improves largely, rotary loss is lightened. In addition, it re-has cut the bearing adapter unit lastly in order to put out precision. Also light weight conversion processes as much as possible. Black alumite finish. 24T hyper pulley complete round precision and durability could be given with the pulley of the steel make. Being to be the steel pulley, it meaning that either the tooth does not decrease strongly even in the small stone and the like, there is a preeminent durability. In addition, it meaning that the rubbish is difficult to be attached to the pulley, the refuse does not accumulate in the ravine. You use for the small hole which near the center is when removing the bearing, pushing out the bearing

Source : Team Honest

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