Hitec Multiplex – Digital Servo Programmer


As for servo age of customization. You customize future servo by your.
The next generation digital servo correspondence,
Digital servo programmer appearance!

The new generation G 2 digital servo 7000 series, Advanced Capability of new model digital micro servo (largest operational each mode, the overload protection) it is the digital servo programmer who corresponds. If conventional type digital servo and new generation G 2 digital servo, there is this 1 unit, being common, you can use.

Special collection/symbol

  • – Price loading Advanced Capability with deferment! Largest operational each mode, it corresponds to the overload protection.
  • – High-tech make digital servo*quality can be programmed.
  • – The place is not chosen and with Ni-cd electric battery built-in setting can be modified easily.
  • – Loading servo tester function. (All the manufacturer correspondences) big power is shown in maintenance of servo.

Digital servo programming function

  • – Overload protection function (Advanced Capability! )
  • – Largest operational each degree mode (Advanced Capability! )
  • – Direction of rotation rotation direction
  • – Operational speed
  • – Dead band width
  • – Fail-safe point setting
  • – Fail-safe ON/OFF
  • – End point position
  • – Operational angular width
  • – Neutral position

Servo tester function (each company servo correspondence)

  • – Receiver output pulse width measurement
  • – Receiver voltage measurement
  • – Servo resolution test
  • – Automatic operational test
  • – Reaction test
  • – Manual operational test
  • – 4.8V Ni-cd built-in

Source : HITEC

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