Tamiya Japan – DUALHUNTER



Tamiya Japan announce the Dual Hunter, available on Nov 17, 2007

Powerful travelling of twin motor & gear train 4WD
Only twin motor 4WD being powerful, it is the assembly kit of the electromotive radio control car which it can enjoy the dynamic running fully, models the racing track/truck. The gear train system which adopted the twin motor 4WD which, respectively loads the motor the for nosewheel and onto the one for rear wheel as for power transmission used the gear. You install the lag pattern spike tire of diameter, 130mm coupled with 4 wheel double wishbone suspension which moves pliantly, you show high rough road running the whole distance characteristic.


In tough chassis, the one for twin motor ESC standard equipment
As for mainframe high intensity monocoque type. The constitution which is superior in weight balance e.g., it loads the battery and the motor for travelling onto the central approaching, sets steering wheel servo on the body centerline. Also height of the durability which supports off load travelling which of course, is extreme is charm. Furthermore, as for the front and back gear box which builds in the diff. gear the assembly being completed. Both moving back and forth the one for twin motor ESC whose smooth speed control is possible standard was equipped. The body and the rear wing being lightweight, are the polycarbonate make which is strong in the shock.


Basic specifications
– Total length =435mm
– the full-width =310mm
– total height =205mm
– roadspace =47mm
– body weight =1810g
– the wheel base =281mm
– also tread = front and back 250mm
– the frame = polycarbonate make monocoque
– suspension =4 also the wheel the double wishbone
– also damper = front and back the friction damper
– the drive system = twin motor full-time 4WD
– gear ratio =18.3: 1 (16.5: 1)
– 2 540 type motors it is attached and
– the diff. gear system = front and back 3 bevel diff.
– speed controller TEU-103BK is attached
– tire width/also diameter = front and back 60mm/130mm


Source : Tamiya

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