Yokomo – MR-4TC BD – Masami Special

MR-4TC BD MASAMI SPECIAL pulls up drive efficiency to the extremity, the super precision bearing (14) with the team Bonn bar SP low friction belt (F & R), チタンコー トショックシャフト which aims toward titanium bis set and グラファイトプラパーツ and the accurate road surface following characteristic which actualize further light weight conversion, the front and back shock spring of new development, the new model rear shock tower standard equipment! The drive train which bodily sensation it is possible the high response the ultimate EP touring car which unites the handling which excels, in “MR-4TC BD MASAMI SPECIAL” expectation!

[Major Specifications]

  •   Super Precision Bearings set
  •   titanium screws set
  •   monolithic aluminum SASUMAUNTO
  •   titanium shaft court shock
  •   new spring shock
  •   CHIMUBONBA F.R belt
  •   Universal aluminum shaft
  •   Tubular Center Shaft
  •   new rear shock towers


Source : Yokomo

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