Grand Prix Prague 2007 – EP 1/10 On-Road


Electric Track 1/10 On-road

16. – 18. 11. 2007

Dear friends, dear drivers,

the date, when many top European drivers are meeting near Prague is oncoming again. This time, it is already the sixth annual race of radio controled cars,

the G R A N D P R I X P R A G U E 2007.
As always, it is a great pleasure for me to invite you to the “Sport Centrum” in the town of Brandýs nad Labem in the days of 16th – 18th November 2007.
Since the year 2002 we have been meeting on the same place and lots of the best drivers from many European countries have already attended this race. I am looking forward to meet again drivers such as Jilles Groskamp from Holland, Martin Hudy from Slovakia, Andreas Myrberg from Sweden and other top drivers from Austria, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and of course from Czech Republic.

This year we have prepared for you a novelty, which opens this race for that type of drivers, which prefer calmer racing. The race will be split into two categories; MODIFIED and STOCK 19. I hope this innovation will be succesful and thanks to that, we will meet many new drivers.
We are very pleased that this race has became a part of your racing-calendar and we are especially glad you like coming back to us. I hope that this year will be at least as succesful as the previous ones and this event will leave the feeling of a well spent weekend in the Czech republic. I, myself, and the whole group of my colleagues will do our best to make this race a fine experience.
Václav Strupek

The Race Director

Chairman section 1:10 TC RCAÄŒR


Deadline for entires: November 13. 2007

Entry-fee: € 25.-

Junior under 15 years old €15,-

Maximum drivers: 120

For more information and application form click here!Source : LRP

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