Tamiya – 2007 December New Product

TRF416 Chassis Kit


Available in Dec 22, 2007

The chassis where it adjusts to the race/lace which is done with the control tire & the brush less motor, pulls out the efficiency of the tire to the maximum and is superior in operativity development to concept. * Width of the bulkhead front and back is adjusted, optimizing the roll quality on front and back left and right e.g., bis layout is made to the utmost symmetrical. * It took a second look also motor layout in order to raise traction.

TRF501X World Edition42105_l.jpg

Available in Nov 24, 2007

Equipping the option part in TRF501X, actualizing potential rise. * It raises durability with aluminum caster block, and aluminum rear upright and the strengthening upper arm mount etc. expanding setting width. * Using center pulley 18T, ball diff. pulley 37T, and the 369mm drive belt, it pursued also the improvement of efficiency of power transmission.

Toyota Hilunx High-Lift58397_l.jpg

Available in Nov 24, 2007

Heavy duty it is the scale model which chassis frame and body construction and the reality body run charm. * The body with styrol make, custom check reproducing the hyrax. * Rear bumper and mirror and muffler part conversion. * The frame and the underside which use the metal part real group. * Loading the speed change possible 3rd gear transmissions while travelling. * Surf board attachment.

Plasma Edge


Available in Dec 15, 2007

* The buggy chassis of vertical ranging motor & shaft drive 4WD, the newcomer appears in DF-02. * It is low the bathtub frame of center of gravity wide-tread, the front and back direct vent system gear box of diff. gear built-in, 4 wheel double wishbone suspension which equips the oil damper of the pyro ball mount adopting. * It can enjoy light off load travelling fully.

TamTech-Gear HOTSHOT 4WD


Available in Dec 22, 2007

* The name car hot shot is appearance even with タムテックギア. * As for the chassis the new development GB-03 which adopts shaft drive 4WD. * Underside double wishbone 4 wheel independence. The front of stabilizer equipment you operate the mono shock with link, following the image of the hot shot. * Left and right loading the RC mechanic et. al. symmetrically, actualizing the weight balance which is superior.



Available in Dec 15, 2007

* 1/8 engine racing track/truck which exhibits the preponderant running, NITRAGE 5.2 assembles and appears even with the kit. * The 4WD chassis of 3 diff. constitution which adopt the module structure which does not have the mechanic plate interest of the assembly fully. * The front brake which furthermore raises stopping power and the stabilizer which sets the underside standard were equipped.

1/10XB Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007


Available in Dec 1, 2007

* The snorkel and the roof lamp, reality reproducing the form which equips the rear wing fully. Rally equipment spirit it engenders. * The chassis adopted the shaft drive 4WD whose reliability is high.



Available in Dec 15, 2007

* Super GT of this year the Eclipse adding van SC430 which fights appears even by the completion electromotive RC car. * As for chassis TT-01 of shaft drive 4WD. * You set also the transmitter, the battery and the charger of wheel type.

Other New Release on Dec 2007

  • TGM-04 B part (suspension arm) set
  • TGM-04 C part (upright) set
  • Dish wheel (87/50)
  • The oval spike tire 150/80
  • Super drift tire (24mm width)
  • GB-03 C part (body)
  • GB-03 E part (joint)
  • GB-03 spare gear set
  • GB-03 M part (steering wheel)
  • GB-03 R part (bumper)
  • FR-32FX engine (aluminum heat sink head)

RC Limited Edition

  • Mini- Kuu per racing lightweight body part set
  • Matsuda RX-7 lightweight body part set
  • EBBRO 350R lightweight body part set

Source : Tamiya

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