Tamiya Japan – XB BMW Z4 M Coupe Racing

Tamiya Japan – XB BMW Z4 M Coupe Racing (TT-01 Chassis)


Available Nov 17, 2007

Coupe body and light illumination of force charm

The sport coupe Z4 of BMW in base, BMW motor sport corporation in race specification. It is the machine and the completion electromotive radio control car of BMW Z4 M coupe racing which are supplied by the private team which participates to the durable race of the world and are increasing Yosinari weaving/grade. Approximately you project the fender to wide, reproducing the forum of the force which provides the air outlet to real with polycarbonate. The door mirror and the rear wing tighten detail. Furthermore, the headlight 2 light (white), the tail lamp 2 light (the lead-lead) illumination enjoys, raises reality more. Of course, it assembles the body and is completed, also the transmitter of wheel type, the battery and the charger for travelling are set, can enjoy running directly.

Adoption TT-01 chassis of shaft drive 4WD

The chassis loaded the RC mechanic and the battery for travelling onto flat in the mainframe of bathtub type, it is low shaft drive 4WD of the center of gravity good balance design and TT-01. Going hand in hand with 4 wheel double wishbone suspension and the diff. gear etc. which is equipped on front and back, the controller bull which does not have クセ you show maneuverability. Furthermore, the speed controller both moving back and forth loaded ESC and Tamiya TEU-101BK whose delicate speed control is possible. Of course, when it is accustomed to operation, also efficiency rise is possible with the part which is even abundantly.

Basic specifications

  • – Total length 440mm, full-width 187mm and total height 125mm
  • – the wheel base 251mm
  • – tire width/diameter = FR 27/67mm
  • – frame = bathtub type
  • – drive system = vertical ranging motor & shaft drive full-time 4WD
  • – diff. gear = front and back 3 bevels
  • – steering wheel = 3 divided tie rod systems
  • – the suspension = 4 wheel double wishbone
  • – damper = front and back the friction
  • – gear ratio = 8.35:1
  • – motor = RS540 types
  • – speed controller = ESC specification

Source : Tamiya

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