K Factory – TC Motor Cooling Head & Thermal Pad

k7101-1.jpgK Factory is proud to present the latest option part for the electric touring car. The TC Motor Cooling Head will fit the Team Magic E4 perfectly, as well as any other electric car with a transverse mounted motor.


The TC Motor Cooling Head is machined out of aluminium, anodized black and will effectively cool the motor due to a well thought-out design. Compared to most other heat sinks, the fins of the K Factory TC Motor Cooling Head is turned 90 degrees. By turning the fins this way air will be able to constantly pass through the heat sink. This means that the heat sink will be much more effective, using the airflow inside the car to help increase the cooling effect dramatically.

As to further improve the cooling effect, K Factory exclusively includes a special thermal pad with each TC Motor Cooling Head. The improved cooling effect of the TC Motor Cooling Head means that your motor will perform at its highest level for longer, perhaps giving you that crucial advantage needed! Efficiency will be dramatically improves, while a cooler motor also means less wear, prolonging the life of your favourite motor.


Source : kfactoryracing.com

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