Team Orion SHO (Super High Output) 4200 NiMH


Team Orion is proud to present the new team Orion SHO (Super High Output) 4200 NiMH cells. These cells will be an incredible performance in life and voltage situation. They were developed in close collaboration between Team Orion (Oscar Jansen and Racing Team) and the battery manufacturers and developed for mass production.

Particular attention was drawn to the self-discharge laid factor, which results in most cells failures and explosions. This could very great progress is being made: the result is a powerful and long-lasting NiMH cell.

ORI11541 – 4200 SHO HV 7,2 Volt 6 Cell
ORI11542 – 4200 SHO Team 7,2 Volt 6 Cell
ORI11545 – 4200 SHO HV 4,8 Volt 4 Cell
ORI11546 – 4200 SHO Team 4,8 Volt 4 Cell
ORI11548 – 4200 SHO HV 6,0 Volt 5 Cell
ORI11549 – 4200 SHO Team 6,0 Volt 5 Cell

Source : Team Orion

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