K Factory – M1 Alum. Rear Chassis Stiffener Rod Set


These superbly crafted, black, hard coated chassis stiffeners are designed to improve the M1 buggy’s performance on high bite, manicured tracks that are seen in many countries around the world. In these conditions, a stiffer chassis will exploit the higher levels of traction that are present by reducing the chassis flex. Chassis flex can add traction in low bite conditions, but can reduce response in high bite conditions.

A special manufacturing process means that these 7075 aircraft grade aluminum are extremely strong for their weight. While some chassis stiffeners can bend and lead to a tweaked chassis that you might not notice, these stiffeners from K-Factory will keep your car performing like it should. In addition to the durability, these stiffeners are machined to reduce weight in low stress areas making them a great tuning option to dial your M1 buggy in to the tracks you visit.


Source : K Factory Racing

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