Kyosho – Robo Hopper


Start walking on air as soon as you open the box! A new concept that breaks the mold of 2-channel helicopters. 2.4GHz system allows up to 25 machines to be operated at the same time.

Gently lift off from the palm of your hand to take an air-walk around the room until it’s time to touch down near the coffee cup. Simply use the transmitter to charge the Lithium Polymer battery in the machine to complete pre-flight preparation. Unlike commonly available toy R/C helicopters, this machine uses 2.4GHz frequency for constant control stability. Up to 25 machines can be flown at the same time. Ways to enjoy the Robo Hopper are limited only by your imagination, so why not show your friends whose boss in a competition. The super lightweight body is resilient to bumps and small accidents so you can have peace of mind to continue challenging new things. In the event of a breakage, the rotors and pilot can be replaced. Add four AA-sized alkaline batteries (sold separately) to the transmitter that also acts as a Li-Po battery charger as well as a controller. For lighthearted fun, this is a unique experience in helicopter flight.


  • 2.4GHz 2-channel R/C system allows up to 25 units to be flown at the same time.
  • Produces stable flight as if it was fitted with a gyro.
  • Tail rotor automatically adjusts to main rotor RPM and load for stable governing.
  • Strong lightweight design can withstand small amounts of rough contact.
  • In the unlikely event of damage, the design allows easy replacement of components.


Set includes helicopter and transmitter so simply add four AA-sized alkaline batteries to start flying. Palmtop size for great indoor flying fun.


Smooth functioning tail motor governs rotation to realize the stable control characteristics. Allows free flight control.


Unique main rotor shape and stabilizer length, weight and offset angle produce exceptional flight stability.


Sure and safe design requires no difficult operating steps, from charging to when the power is switched on. Requires no previous modeling experience.


Equipped with advanced performance features for sure control such as button-operated 20-stage electronic rudder trim adjustment.


Extend the cable from the transmitter and plug it into the connector on the body, then switch the transmitter on to start charging until it automatically stops when charging complete.15min battery charge / 5 min flight time.


Pilot is equipped with auxiliary wheel to help keep it upright. This also promises stable touchdowns and can prevent falls.

Readyset Contents

  • Pre-assembled Helicopter
  • 2.4GHz 2-channel R/C system
  • Special Number Decare

Technical Data

  • Length 227mm
  • Width 160mm
  • Height 159mm
  • Weight 13g (approx.)

Source : Kyosho

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