Yokomo – 1/12 4WD SD12-TV in Detail


The Yokomo SD12-TV is a new kind of radio-controlled car that is perfectly suited for driving indoors due to its ability to move at low speeds. Featuring a high-performance four-wheel drive (4WD) system, it also drives well outdoors on poor road surfaces. In addition, it can perform an impressive feat of climbing steep inclines where other R/C cars couldn’t stand a chance. Yet, anyone, including those who are new to radio-controlled cars, can pick up this car and start driving anywhere.



Special attention was placed in designing the two heaviest components of a radio-controlled car, the motor and batteries, to make them smaller and lighter to achieve the best handling characteristics. By using the Yokomo mini ZERO 290T high-torque motor (included in the kit) along with the Yokomo 7.2 V Nickel Metal-hydride high-voltage batteries (sold separately; Part No. YB-148P Max Power1400 HVmini)you can enjoy a highly-realistic driving experience at very low speeds, all while performing impressive climbs on very steep inclines of over 45 degrees,depending on the type of surface.A wide variety of optional parts are available to improve performance and to customize the appearance of the car, allowing you to make an unique super car that fits your individuality.

The Yokomo SD12-TV “Trial Vehicle” is a high-performance radio-controlled car that can run on any road surface, from unpaved off-road surfaces to paved on-road surfaces (e.g. asphalt), and also on steep inclines unseen for R/C cars of its class. Take full advantage of its abilities and enjoy the unmatched and never-before-seen feats that the Trial Vehicle can perform!




Full-time 4WD
Fully-adjustable Double Wishbone Suspension
Molded Chassis, Upper Deck, Shock Towers, etc.
High-efficiency Gear Drive System
Front Ball Differential Gears
Rear Solid Axle
Molded High-capacity Oil Damper
Height-adjustable Steering Block
Molded Two-piece Gear Box
Die-cast Clamping Motor Mount
Aluminum Motor Cam
Molded Motor Tray (Compatible with 2/3 Amp batteries)
Newly-designed Trial Vehicle Tires
Front and Rear Universal Driveshafts
Trial Vehicle Body
Newly-developed High-power mini ZERO 290T Motor
7.2 V mini Battery Connector AdapterAdditional items required:
Radio Transmitter
Radio Receiver
Speed Controller
Steering Servos
2 or 3 Amp, 7.2 Volt Batteries (6-cells)
Battery Charger
Paint for Polycarbonate Bodies




Source : Yokomo

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