Thunder Tiger – MTA4 Sledge Hammer S50


The MTA-4 Sledge hammer S50 sets new yardsticks and knows no borders. These bolide sweeps its contractor on the racing course, in the gravel pit or on the parking lot away like toy. The Thunder tiger long-lasting phenomenon MTA4 S28 was equipped with absolute power a Agregat.


The MTA4 S50 of a pro 50-BK Nitro engine with unbelievable 8.3 ccm is beaconed. The brachiale power of the largest engine in the 1:8 monster Truck scene is brought over a again designed two-speed automatic transmission with metal gear wheels and the matured chassis technology on the runway. The MTA-4 S50 is nothing weak nerves!

The enormous torque perfectly to the new chrome spoke rims with new super Grip tires pass the new hardened steel on CVA’s. Wheelies no problem! Fun purely! Thunder Tiger’s of best monsters Truck!

What is new?
– new oversize engine cooling head
– new slip by clutch and hardened steel gear wheels in the transmission
– new ultrahartes steel main gear wheel
– new ones “heavy duty” CVA’s
– new High performance tail discharge opening resonance pipe
– new one harder absorber feathers/springs
– new PRO50-BK 8,2ccm megapower engine
– new body with new Design
– new chrome spoke rims with new super Grip tire
– new of impact-absorbing Frontrammer
– new of rear Wheelie bar – new one 23mm rim adapter
– new more increased 2 steam turbine and gas turbine systems air cleaners
– new safety devices of the pins at the drive shafts
– new QD hand starter

Technical data:

  • Length: 615mm
  • broad: 438mm
  • height: 273mm
  • wheel base: 368mm
  • weight: 6200g
  • clearance: 108mm



Source : Thunder Tiger

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