Nosram – Dragon Brushless Sports Modified


Extremely powerful sports modified motor in brushless design. The perfect choice for burning rubber on the asphalt, without all the maintenance required by brushed motors.

No commutator
No brushes
No springs
= Zero maintenance!!!

– Sensored technology
– Neodymium magnets
– Hand wound
– Star winding
– Double ball bearings
– Solder tabs for easy and safe installation
– Pre-Wired
– Standard 540 size and weight

All motors are ready to run with pre-soldered, high quality wires and plugs!
The Dragon brushless sports modified line – finally completed!

  • NR90510 Dragon Brushless Sport Modified 9.5T (=17T brushed)
  • NR90520 Dragon Brushless Sport Modified 10.5T (=19T brushed)
  • NR90530 Dragon Brushless Sport Modified 13.5T (=23T brushed)
  • NR90540 Dragon Brushless Sport Modified 15.5T (=27T brushed)

Also Available and a perfect match for your Dragon Brushless Motor is the Evil range of electronic speed controllers:


  • NR90400 NOSRAM Evil brushless reverse digital
  • NR90450 NOSRAM Evil brushless power reverse digital

Source : Mirage Racing

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