Diggity Designs – 3D08 – 1/12th Racer Kit


This is the newest 1/12th Kit released from Diggity Designs. We have taken the same race winning design as used in our previous 3D12 kit and updated it with new features. The main feature allows you to mount brushless ESC’s on the side of the chassis and install brushless motors without any wire problems. You can now mount your electronics as far to the rear as possible. We have widened the rear outer springs location to help with mounting brushless motors and to improve performance and stability.


We have countersunk the center pivot block to allow the batteries to sit firmly in the cutouts without rubbing the screw. We have lengthened the battery brace slightly so you will not dent your batteries anymore in a crash. The rear pods have been moved back 1.6mm to allow for larger gearing.


The 3D08’s carbon fibre pieces are CNC milled using the best quality 2.5mm quasi carbon available to the market. Kits include performance proven CRC red anodized aluminum parts and Associated’s race winning pro-strut front end kit. Holes are pre-drilled to allow the mounting of JR-3550, JR-3650, Hitec 225, KO-949, Futaba-9650, and Airtronics 94141 and 94145 servos.





Source : Diggity Designs

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