Tamiya Japan – Toyota Hilun High-Lift



Available Nov 24, 2007

The reality pursuit RC model which adhered to everything

Focusing on America of the eighties four wheel drive pickup which is proud of the popularity which gathers big support, still is high, it is the assembly kit of the electromotive radio control car which finishes the Toyota hyrax 30 system in custom check. You adopt the actual car similar rudder frame, adopting the drive mechanism of the shaft drive 4WD which loads 3rd gear transmissions of the assembly type which can enjoy the gear change which is in the midst of travelling. Approximately the metal make diff. gear can also make lock, rough road running the whole distance characteristic raises. In addition, also interest of the assembly which the metal part such as rudder frame and leaf spring and friction damper uses is extraordinary. Equipping the large diameter tire, as for the body which raises the height at once the styrol plastic make by the precise die. The muffler and the wiper and side step, diff. guard, under guard and furthermore the surf board etc. the to part it converts real the completion charm. LED of selling separately installs in the lights, can enjoy also illumination.


Front view
It is possible in the headlight and the turn signal and the side marker to install LED of selling separately. Preparing the emblem the inlet mark which is material feeling.


5 connected rhodolites
In roll bar of plating finish load lamp of 5 reams installing possibility. Of course, installing LED of selling separately, the point it is possible also to make burn


Front guard & fog lamp
The fog lamp which is equipped in front guard is assembled choosing a state where it is removed with a state where the light/write cover is installed.


Plated wheel of real design
Representing 5 these spoke types of 3 pieces which even fixed turn of four running wheels can be said. The crotch lining it is the plating finish of the cancer/gun metallic color.


The scale impression the rear view which overflows
2 Honde it does to under the rear bumper, the muffler part conversion. The muffler end is the metal make. Furthermore, turn signal and back light, as for brake lamp LED of selling separately installed possibility.


Preparing the marking for the board 3 types
The surf board of long type (1) you set. Also the sticker for the marking of 3 types has been attached


Metal make leaf spring
Reality the leaf spring which overflows to consist of 5 leaf springs, the setting due to combination is possible.


Diff. case
Adopting the metal make diff. gear whose strength is high. Furthermore, also the diff-lock is possible. Rough road running the whole distance characteristic is raised.


Assembly type 3rd gear transmission
As for 3rd gear transmissions which seriously considered low-speed travelling the gear change which is in the midst of travelling enjoys, the slipper which protects the gear – standard equipped the clutch.


Basic specifications
– Total length 508mm, full-width 216mm, total height 270mm and body weight approximately 3.1kg
– motor = RS540 type
– drive system = vertical ranging motor shaft drive 4WD
– diff. gear system F/R = 3 bevel diff.
– damper = front and back friction
– gear ratio = low/row 1: 64.39 seconds 1: 35.20 Top 1: 21.14 – Controller = ESC specification

Source : Tamiya

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