Tamiya Japan – TNX5.2R Champagne Gold Custom



Available : Nov 24, 2007

Engine monster truck of gorgeous color
The off load which becomes rough it is the completion engine RC car which represents the monster track/truck which runs dynamically. Focusing on America actively is done utilizes the know-how with the RC race/lace which the high performance which high durability merit. As for the Tamiya FR-32FX engine which is loaded aerodynamic volume displacement 5.2cc. It can enjoy the exciting running which shows preponderant power. Furthermore, the body is finished with the champagne gold, color coordinating e.g., Rowadekki the silver, the wheel is made silver plating. Also the gorgeous completion is charm.

TGM-04 chassis
Forming the chassis with the duralmin make power train deck and the resin make frame. The propeller shaft, through the metal make drive shaft from the body central transmission, the shaft drive 4WD which transmits power to the front and back wheel was adopted. Furthermore, as for 4 wheel double wishbone suspension ball pivot type. Including the bearing of the wheel axle and the propeller shaft, inside and the like the direct vent system gear box front and back total 26 the full bearing specification which equips the ball bearing which is. The high durability not only decreasing drive loss with the movement of the rotary part as smooth could be given.

Basic specifications
– Total length: 560mm
– Full-width: 428mm
– Total height: 240mm
– Body weight 4660g (the fuel it is not included)
– the wheel base: 360mm
– Tread: 335mm (front and back commonness)
– tire width/diameter: 87/148 (front and back commonness)
– standard gear ratio: 1st gear 22.5:1 2nd gear 15.5:1
– slippers – equipping the clutch.
– The hook type centrifugal clutch whose secure speed change is possible
– the full bearing specification
– channel 2 transmitters, the handy starter and the plug heater, the tools it is attached, – constitution – shaft drive full-time with the frame material = duralmin make power train deck and the resin make frame 4WD – engine = Tamiya FR-32FX (5.2cc) – the fuel tank = 150cc

Source : Tamiya

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