Tamiya Japan – TRF501X World Edition


Available : Nov 24, 2007

World evolution type racing buggy of stage
The high ended 4WD racing buggy, equipping the option part in TRF501, it actualized further evolution. As durability is raised with aluminum caster block and aluminum rear upright and the strengthening upper arm mount etc., expanding setting width. In addition as efficiency of power transmission is pursued, as for the ball diff. pulley front and back the private type which improves efficiency and durability. In addition, the pyro ball of the around suspension adopts the steel make whose strength is high, improves the precision of the section and actualizing the sharp response. The world in the machine which fights to the stage it finished in suitable contents.


Aluminum caster block

In addition to the high rigidity only of the aluminum, setting the caster to the 10°. 3 places choose also the installation position of the upper arm, adjusting to the height adjustment of the pyro ball, wide setting is possible.


Front damper & stubby
High performance as for aeration oil damper, damper shaft titanium coat processing. Furthermore the stabilizer standard was equipped.


Center pulley
With the laser the hallmark the logograph of TRF. In addition, the center pulley used 18T.


Rear suspension mount & stubby
The upper arm mount which can give the durability where to wall thickness it converts the part which impact concentrates, adds the stiffening rib and is high, furthermore the stabilizer standard equipment.


Rear upright
In addition to high rigidity, 3 places choose the installation position of the upper arm, adjusting to the height adjustment of the pyro ball, wide setting is possible.


Ball diff. pulley
The pulley flange forming just, preventing falling off of the flange. In addition it provides the mud outlet in the flange part, it has become the form which is suited for off load travelling.


Improvement of size precision
As size precision of the section is raised markedly in addition to the bis hole, the installation of the secure part is produced, cancelling the difference in level of the adjusting part of the part.


TRF501X world edition private special sticker.


As for body new form of brush less motor correspondence. (As for photograph worldwide game participation machine of Satoshi Maezumi player before TRF)

Basic specifications
– Chassis total length 398mm (the body it is not included)
– full-width 250mm
– the wheel base 280mm
– tread F 213mm R 203mm

Source : Tamiya

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