Thailand On-Road Series Round 5


The fifth race of the Thailand on-road series was held at the Hobbica track in Nakornprathom south of Bangkok on November 4th 2007. There were 40 drivers in the 1/10 touring car class. After 2 qualifying rounds, there were six NT1 cars that made it into the A final. In the final, a trouble-free run by Thongchai S. allowed him to take home the win with his NT1. Six out of the top seven car in the A final were XRAY NT1 cars.

A-final Results:

1 Tongchai S. XRAY NT1
2 Suwich V. XRAY NT1
3 Sompong V. XRAY NT1

4 Suruth V.
5 Tanit K. XRAY NT1
6 Porapong R. XRAY NT1
7 Pinsant J. XRAY NT1

8 Pichakorn
9 Rungtawan S.
10 Charlee P.

Source : XRAY

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