Kawada – M300GT


‘ Good quality of running ‘ and ‘ height of the scale impression ‘ it made fuse until now real of 1/12 scales which are not combining the body to the M300SX based chassis which is proud of the popularity which becomes tremendous as the twelve enrollment machine. Being to be simple mechanic structure, also maintenance characteristic is good, lightens also running cost. The scale impression only the body which overflows is optimum as a machine for pleasant one make-up race/lace. As for M300GT, from the beginner to the expert it is one unit which anyone can enjoy with ease.


As a twelve enrollment machine
Therefore enrollment machine M300SX base treatment easy! ! GT cape D of the scale impression perfect score which is easier to adapt to also the one which is poor the unique body of 1/12 racing belongs to the kit. As for the principal part of the carbon mixture lower suspension arm and the cart Bonn rear shaft etc. being to be common with M300RSX of the competition model, trying doing M300GT, in earnest in 1/12 racing the ど っ ぷ り 浸 diversion of the principal part is possible even with when temporary it stops wanting.

To the person who becomes tired in 1/10 touring
Therefore simple structure maintenance setting is simple. In addition, weight to be light being that also number of articles is little in comparison with 1/10 touring, the extent simplicity which damage when crashing maintenance is surprised little! ! Either running cost does not catch. The 7.2V straight pack battery which has been used by 1/10 touring cars and being enabled usually servo of size that way, smooth category shift is possible. Different from 1/12 racing which it travels with the sponge tire therefore the rubber tire, early investment of the tire setter and the like there is no necessity and is begun with ease.

As one make-up race machine inside the companion
Therefore easily it is optimum as a second car. Because it is sent with ease, race/lace of the relaxing mood which when the origin is different is possible. The scale impression the body which overflows the gallery which is seen is the enjoyment perfect score.






Principal equipment

  • – The black FRP make chassis, the upper brace and the damper brace
  • – the carbon suspension arm (the independent suspension)
  • – the upper arm mount of 2 types of 0° and 5°
  • – デルリン it starts shaving, the pivot ball
  • – the lightweight oil damper
  • – the aluminum shaving starts the motor mount (R)
  • – the natural FRP make T bar
  • – the carbon rear shaft – the ball diff.
  • – the servo saber
  • – the radial rubber tire
  • – the wheel – the polycarbonate make body
  • – the full ball bearing

Technical data

  • – Total length: 275mm
  • – Full-width: F/160mm R/164mm
  • – Tread: F/135.6mm R/134mm
  • – Wheelbase: 210mm
  • – When travelling gross load: 1050g (at the time of 6 cell)
  • – diff. type: Ball diff.
  • – drive type: Direct drive
  • – suspension type: F/ independent suspension R/ ball connecting type
  • – F caster: Variable
  • – chassis: Black FRP
  • – Motor: 540 types (selling separately)
  • – bearing: Full ball bearing
  • – motor mount: The R/ duralmin it starts shaving, the L/ high rigid resin
  • – the tire: F/ radial rubber tire
  • – R/radial rubber tire wide

Source : Kawada

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